Making The World More Accessible For Families, Educators, and Publishers.

A bowl of smooth rocks sits on a table covered in a white cloth.

The world is changing. Making web sites, books, menus and even vacation spots accessible can be both complicated, and critical.
Easier said than done? Maybe. Meltdown Free Media is your guide.
Contact us for:

  • Learning Media Assessments for blind or low vision students
  • Adaptations of print materials in Braille, large print, digital, or audio formats
  • Customized touring plans and travel tips for families of children with sensory impairments, communication disorders, chronic conditions or neurological differences
  • Sensory tool kits to go for vacationing families
  • Analysis of sites for accessibility
  • Development of alternative tags for images
  • Curriculum development
  • Assistive technology consultation, including iPhone or iPad apps for individuals with special needs
  • Social stories for all occasions